Pitambar Aryal

COP19: Pitambar Aryal on Nepalese & Filippino disaster management

COP19 (14/11/13) – Pitambar Aryal, Director of the Disaster Management department of Nepal Red Cross speaks about the need for greater focus on disaster management in light of the damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan.

He says that there is a clear indication that climate change has severe impacts on livelihoods and that it has increased the trends of disasters particularity their intensity and magnitude. He calls for wider thinking when it comes to disaster management.

The Red Cross he says is doing lots to support those affected by Typhoon Haiyan including providing drinking water, sanitation facilities as well as rescuing people. They are working to contribute to mitigating the risk of humanitarian consequences of climate change.

He says that the mitigation of climate change as well as adaptation and disaster risk management should all be discussed together and be taken into account. In light of this, he highlights Article 6 and the significant role the Red Cross can play in capacity building.