COP19: Gabriel Ouijandria Acosta on COP20

COP19: Gabriel Ouijandria Acosta on COP20

COP19 (18/11/13) – Gabriel Ouijandria Acosta the Deputy Minister of Environment for Peru talks about his governments plans for next years COP in Lima.

He says there has been strong coordination between his government, the Polish presidency and the French government to discuss issues that need to be resolved and coordinated towards Lima. The goal for next year is that a process will be created for reaching a deal in 2015. By September next year when the Secretary General’s climate summit happens in New York he hopes that governments will come with a clear mandate to create a political push within these talks.

He also hopes that hosting these talks will push Peru into the international arena as key voice.

He is worried that there is currently two parallel discourses happening – that of the global north and that of the global south. He hopes that entering into the second week of this conference that there will be bridge created with cross party dialogue taking hold.

Finally, he confirms that there are no plans for the Peruvian presidency to host a coal summit during the COP20 negotiations.