Maryke van Staden

COP20: Maryke van Staden, ICLEI

COP20 (10/12/14) – Maryke van Staden is delighted to see referencing from the ADP co-chairs on the role of local and subnational governments. She explains that recognising and empowering local governments is an area that needs support and should be delivered consistently globally. The role of subnational governments is important in the global climate agenda as impacts are felt on smaller regional scales, and because cities contribute towards climate change.

The ECLEI’s compact of mayors project hopes to raise ambition by calling on global mayors to sign up and deliver consistent reporting on climate action at the local level. Their Urban LEDS project focuses on developing low emissions development strategies for cities in emerging economies. Actions are being implemented in transport, waste, energy and housing. The challenges to cities and subnational governments is the lack of institutional capacity and finance.