COP18: Dr Antonio Pfluger – Technology vital to low-carbon debate

COP18 (5/12/12): Dr Antonio Pfluger, Head of Division, Climate Change – International Environmental Policy, Germany at ICC-WBO event

Dr Antonio Pfluger talks about his role as Vice Chair of the Technology Executive Committee at the COP18 climate negotiations in Doha.

“We are getting more and more into an implementation paradigm, not only talking about targets and whether we can achieve it and what it takes but also how we are going to deal with it, and what nuts and bolts we are needing,” he says.

“The policy making I am hearing is ‘make it simple’, but the reality is unfortunately not simple. If you talk about how to make a mobile phone, if I give you a few wires and a battery – nobody is capable of doing that job, so reality is complex, but we have to try and make it simple.”